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SEO Mistakes You Should Stay Away From


It's a good idea to use SEO so that the search engines rank your site. If you aren't very experienced with SEO, it's easy to make some of the mistakes we'll be discussing here.

One typical SEO pitfall is overdoing it when it comes to adding your keywords to content on your site. The best keyword density for your content is between 4% and 5%, so don't go above this. There are times when you will see that over-using certain keywords will get you in trouble with the search engines, as they might label you as a spammer, which will obviously affect your site's ranking and make it difficult for you to get back. Make sure that your keywords are targeted to the topic of your website. The search engines look at your keywords using something known as Lateral Semantic Indexing, or LSI, and your best strategy in regard to this is to not reuse the same words over and over, but use synonyms instead. It's definitely not a good idea, then, to overuse your keywords, as this is red flag to the search engines. You always have to pay attention to how you use your keywords. Your content and keywords should always be relevant and high quality. Make sure your most important keyword appears in the title and first sentence of your content. By doing this, you'll be helping your site achieve a good ranking that will last.

Another obvious mistake that every SEO marketer should avoid is plagiarism. When you take content from somewhere else and post it on your site, claiming it to be yours, it will only affect your reputation with the search engines and bring down your rankings. If you want to keep the search engines happy, create valuable content that does not appear anywhere else. Remember, they want to please their users, who don't want to see the same content over and over again. If your content is caught by the search engines' duplicate content filter, it will be excluded from the results. The only type of duplicate content this filter seeks out, however, is that which appears more than once on one site. It's perfectly fine to republish content from sites that allow you to do so, provided that you don't claim credit for it. The general idea is to be truthful and up front in your efforts.

You'll also want to make sure that your site's content is search engine friendly. too. Ensure that the content contains your target keywords and offers something new and different. The search engines respond best when content is regularly updated. So you'll want to ensure a steady stream of new content.

These are some of the more common and serious SEO mistakes that people often make. If you want to be a successful SEO expert, then avoid them and keep an eye out for more.

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